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The Butler Warewashing Program

The Butler Chemicals difference is that we are passionate to get the job done right, to have our excellent product line and parts always available to get the job done now.  We call our customers back within ten minutes to let them know when we will be there.  Also when we arrive, we pride ourselves on having the right part to get you up and running.  We keep your costs and usage under control with our unique dispensing systems while being dedicated to working together with your employees to tenaciously pursue the goal of clean and sanitary ware and facilities.

Service Schedules

The Butler Warewashing Program includes regular inspections of the dishmachine, booster heater, and pre-spray unit. Butler Sales/Service representatives perform a complete Warewashing inspection as a regular Monthly service. On-going training is provided as needed

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Butler Representatives are dedicated to the concept of preventative maintenance; therefore, when an inspection is made, all aspects of the Warewashing operation are surveyed. Some of the checkpoints include: Machine wash and rinse temperatures, Proper sanitizer levels, Inspection of motors and pump seals, Inspection of control panels.


Emergency Services

Butler Chemicals offers Emergency Around-the-Clock services for all customers.

Call Center Headset


Because we stock a large inventory of parts both on our trucks and at our warehouse, there is never a need to call any outside service agency to repair dishmachines. 

Image by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon
Butler Product: Clear View - Glass and Surface Cleaner
Butler Product: Hi Power - Cleaner/Degreaser
Butler Product: Sani Klean - Cleaner/Disinfectant
Butler Product: Floor Guard - Floor Cleaner
Butler Products setup with a Butler Dispensing System over a mop sink
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